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Welcome to Gene Hitz's Home Page!

My family, my hobbies & interests, my own personal opinions on just
about everything under the sun, and a whole bunch of earth-shaking
ideas on solving ALL our nation's big problems

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This page was last updated on April 25, 2001

The Hitz Family Album
The Kilbert Family Album

Pictures, History & Logbook

Milwaukee Area T.I. User Group

My Game Page
Come on in and have some FUN!!

The Minus 21 Plan
drugs, gangs, tobacco, alcohol SOLUTION

Gardening Secrets, The Organic Farmer
(not done yet)

Back aches (working on it)
15 years without one!

St. Bernards Parish Coed Volleyball League
Wisconsin Senior Olympics Volleyball Teams

The US National Senior Sports Organization
2001 Games in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Politics & Politicians -- Why must we have Dirty Politics?

We're starting to add things here

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Welcome to my site!
Still under construction.
Additions & changes done occasionally (whenever I get around to it)

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