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The Milwaukee Area TI User Group

TI 99/4A screen
The Milwaukee Area
Texas Instruments 99/4A Computer User Group

President ....... Ted Zychowicz ..........
Vice President .. Jonathon Johnson .......
Treasurer ....... Denis Dann .............
Newsletter ...... Gene Hitz ..............
Librarian ....... Ted Zychowicz ..........
Geneve 9640 ..... Tim Tesch ..............

Individual Membership Dues $5

Monthly Meetings -- 2nd Wednesday -- 7:00PM til 10:00PM
Franklin State Bank -- 7000 South 76th Street

Monthly Newsletters, Software Library, Swap Meets, Demo Presentations,
Round Table Discussions, Picnic, Christmas Party, Pizza Party
TI 99 TI 99

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An On-Line User Group for those interested in the TI-99/4A and Geneve 9640 Computers and compatibles. Please enter your name and other information into the Phonebook so others know who you are and thereby making the On-line User Group a more personal place to visit. All members of the TI99 E-Mail List Server have been invited to join. This is not to replace either the TI99 List Ser or the TI99 newsgroup, but to supplement them and to give TI99ers worldwide a new source of information sharing.

TO JOIN THIS GROUP: - The easiest way for groups of people to communicate!
For users/owners of TI-99/4A and compatibles everywhere! To Post a message, send it to:
Easily schedule meetings and events using the group calendar!

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TI99'ers Hall of Fame

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